Palio AK47 Red

tension rubber 100

More details

  • Black
  • Red
  • 2.2mm (T22)

Rp 165.000

Sponge Color : RED
Hardness : 45-47°
Thickness : 2.2 mm
Fitted Play : Fast Attack / Loop
Review :
Review :

Do you worry about insufficient speed or loop not long enough
in the era 40+ ball? You don't have to worry any more, as Palio
has decoded the matte topsheet. The new “AK47 RED” has
reloaded with strong grip and explosive speed power.
Long-lasting material combined with the sense of elasto-crisp
bring matte rubber to a new level.

Passion Red, with 45-47 degree sponge is a breakthrough in
evenly distributed foaming teachnique. It provides strong elasticity
and support with unfathomable inner strength. It exerts your potential
power completely as getting more power with force and spin with
precise control. It enables combat mode in triumph as soon as
you get started.