ITC Accelum Carbon

OFF+ 5+2 carbon blade 700

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Rp 700.000

weight : ± 88 gr
thickness : ± 7.1 mm
top-ply : koto
fiber material : power carbon
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Concept :
- High speed blade for aggressive fast attack.
- “Power Carbon” is a traditional “woven” carbon fiber material. But, the thickness is reduced, and as a result it provides better feeling and more flexibility.
- Construction is “5+2 ply inner fiber. Surface wood is Koto which is moderately hard and provides very precise feeling. Inner fiber structure reduces hard feeling of carbon fiber.

Speed: 106 / Very Fast
Hit Response: +7 / Boost
Vibration at Finger: +11 / High
Overall Hardness: +17 / Hard
Surface Hardness: 0 / Medium

Performance :
- High speed and hard feeling.
- Excellent for high-pitch fast attack.
- Speedy ball can easily be made by small swing.
- Smash and active block are very destructive. But, passive block is very stable and precise.
- Good combination with various kinds of rubbers.
- Faster and lighter than thick 7-ply blades.

Proper playing style :
- Fast attack with hard smash and block.

Recommended players :
- Players who play with hard hitting and need to enhance the speed of blade.
- Suitable for upgrade from thick 7-ply blades in case player mainly plays with hard smash and block.