Yinhe CN-1 Children Soft Carbon

ALR 5+2 carbon light blade 100

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  • FLared
  • CPenholder

Rp 160.000

~ tanpa cover / dus asli.

speed : 7
control : 9
head size : ± 149 x 156 mm
thickness : ± 6.0 mm
weight : ± 80 gr
review : https://revspin.net/blade/galaxy-cn-1-children-carbon.html

YINHE CN1 Junior Soft Carbon Table Tennis Blade

A blade developed for the upcoming table tennis star.

It is light weight at only 75-80 grams and has a smaller handle, but not shorter.

This helps to accommodate a child’s small hand.

With a good amount of speed, this blade with its 2 layers of carbon allows youngsters to learn to play an allround attacking game without sacrificing to much control.