Joola Topspin Chopper Maximize

Joola Topspin Chopper

light rubber 400

More details

  • Black
  • Red
  • 1.8mm (T18)
  • 1.5mm (T15)
  • 1.2mm (T12)

Rp 410.000

Speed : medium
Control : extra high
Spin : extra high
Strategy : def- / all
Hardness : extremely soft ~ 38
Review :

The JOOLA TOPSPIN C uses the surface of our topspin rubber.
The secret of this unique rubber lies in the composition of the sponge.
This combination of highly grippy upper rubber with a special sponge
results in a defensive rubber for perfectly safe defensive play,
extreme variations in chop, and superb response to the opponent's topspin.