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Nittaku FastArc P-1

40p tensor rubber 500 2.0

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  • Red
  • 2.0mm (T20)

Rp 530.000

speed : 98
spin : 98
control : 75
review :
review :

  • 2015 New Development Rubber. Ideal new technology rubber for players who desire powerful topspin for all strokes of your game.
  • Nittaku FASTARC P-1 comprise of Tension Power Sheet + Strong Sponge.
  • This is the "Power First" version of Fastarc. It features a Tension Power Top Sheet and Strong Sponge.
  • Strong Sponge: Produces hard hit feeling with powerful speed balls at the same time.
  • Designed for 40+ ball
  • Made in Germany

All new for 2015 is the Nittaku Fastarc P-1! Solely designed for
the polyurethane ball, this rubber has the best of all worlds from
Nittaku's most popular and best selling rubber series - the Fastarc!

Designed for close, mid & far distance play from the table it has the same
soft strong sponge that has made the Fastarc Series of rubbers a fast,
spinny and powerful rubber yet easy to control. The sponge uses the same
medium hardness as the Fastarc G-1 but is super lightweight at 37.5 degrees.

The pimple diameter is the same as the Fastarc S-1 and the gap between
the pimples is slightly larger than the Fastarc C-1. The Nittaku Fastarc P-1 is for
the player that wants to create spin, speed, power & precision while creating
artistic shots!