Xiom Omega Pro Blade

OFF+ 7ply rose wood blade 1jt

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Rp 1.299.000

4 layers jointless dark rosewood + 3 layers jointless natural wood
thickness : ± 6.0 mm

review : http://www.tabletennisdb.com/blade/xiom-omega-pro.html

Xiom uses only jointless wood which increases the performance and stability of the blade.
Natural Glue is used to make this blade in order to maximize control and catching of the ball while impact.
The blade comes with the T-foil attached, in order to reuse them for maintenance of rubber and blade.

THIL & Made in Korea. THIL is Xiom quality control.
Wood is breathing thing that changes easily according to the surrounding environment.
Therefore Temperature, Humidity, Insect, and Light are very important to the wood management.
Xiom factory in Korea is THIL controlled factory to make sure that at point of production the wood is at their best shape.

Headsize: 152x157mm. Made in Korea.