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Adidas P3 Performance (Promo)

tensor rubber 300

More details

  • Black
  • 2.2mm (T22)

Rp 365.000

~ versi promo = tanpa cover

P3 -vs- P5 -vs- P7
Speed : 97 -- 93 -- 90
Spin : 93 -- 100 -- 110
Precision : 85 -- 100 -- 93
Tolerance : 85 -- 70 -- 80
Hardness : Medium -- Hard -- Hard-
Review :

Adidas P3 rubber is made for spin, speed, and precise placement.
Though softer in density than the P5, this rubber uses much of
the same innovative technology such as German large cell sponge technology.
In particular, the P3 has the ability to support extreme topspin shots and
arc-like trajectory for the medium distance and further players.

Spin, speed and precise placement are the main characteristics of the adidas P3.
Using the same innovative German large cell sponge technology as P5,
but in a softer 45° density, the P3 offers superb speed and control.
The special pimple geometry of the top layer combined with the large cell sponge
supports extra-sharp topspins and an arc-like trajectory.

Regardless if, for the fast attack or controlled game, in the middle or back court
the P3 will support the competition player in all situations of intense matches.

Sponge: medium
Strategy: ALL/OFF extreme
Speed: extreme
Spin: extra high
Control: high
Pimples / Pips: In