Yinhe Saturn Pro Maximize

Yinhe Saturn Pro

tension rubber 100

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  • Black
  • Red

Rp 180.000

Hardness : soft
Sponge color : yellow
Review : https://revspin.net/rubber/galaxy-yinhe-saturn-pro.html

Saturn pro is a new style "Energy+" rubber which is paired "GOD crossbow sponge",
the latest developed sponge by Milkyway up with the new version
Saturn rubber through a unique adhesion technology.

It is an excellent mach that by this unique adhesion technology the sponge and
rubber mutually promote each other. The rubber's life has extended,
flexibility has vastly improved and the rubber's integrated overall performance can
on a par with German, Japanese ones.

Further more, while enhancing the surface tension,
Saturn Pro also reduced energy loss during the impact of ball
to maximize the stability of the linear quality of the ball which has off paddle.