Adidas TenZone

tensor rubber 300

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  • Black
  • 2.2mm (T22)

Rp 399.000

~ kondisi cover tidak mulus, namun karet masih mulus.

TenZone -vs- TenZone SF
Speed : 107 -- 103
Spin : 104 -- 102
Precision : 90 -- 85
Tolerance : 75 -- 78
Hardness : Hard- -- Medium+
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The adidas TenZone features a new pore structure of the sponge providing it with
additional energy that will make the difference in tight matches.

That extra energy transfers your wrist and forearm acceleration into ball speed and
turns your topspins into the most dangerous weapons of your game. The
compact structure of the top layer is the key to the increased spin capacities of the TenZone.
Even on thin contacts the ball cleanly docks onto the surface without loss of friction,
enhancing the control over the ball during offensive topspin play.

Technically versatile players with higher training volumes will get
the full performance of the new adidas TenZone.