Yinhe 966

ALR+ 7ply wood blade 100

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  • FLared

Rp 125.000

~ tanpa cover / dus asli.

Type : Attack / Loop
Thickness : ± 6.4 mm
Weight : ± 109 gr
Plies : 7 all-wood
Review : https://revspin.net/blade/yinhe-galaxy-966.html

A popular blade YINHE 966 gives a good speed in offensive game and at the same time provides a high level of ball’s control. YINHE 966 belongs to ALL+ series, what allows easily finishing the ball with a powerful speedy stroke, keeping a perfect ball’s feeling.

It is perfectly suitable for a controllable game near the table and in a middle court with a possibility of improvement in attack. In a case of necessity, you can always to speed up the ball, giving it an extra acceleration. YINHE 966 is a perfect blade in a price - quality ratio, which gives you all what is necessary for a successful table tennis rally.