Joola Classic Carbon OFF

OFF 5+2 carbon blade 600

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  • FLared

Rp 610.000

speed : extreme
control : medium
veneers : 5+2 carbon
thickness : ± 6.0 mm
weight : ± 92 gr
review :

JOOLA Classic Carbon OFF provides purest Carbon feeling.

Direct touch, flat trajectory and high stroke performance are the prime features of this classic,
excellently suited for the offender playing close to the table.
However, the Classic Carbon guarantees a lot of feeling and enough ball feedback in all playing situations
due to the soft candlenut core veneer.
The immense offensive potential is controlled by the soft candlenut core.

Those who like carbon, will love the JOOLA Classic Carbon OFF!


On basis of a long tradition of JOOLA blades, three absolute classic blades were developed.
The JOOLA classic series in plain design and at an excellent price comprises one version for allrounders,
one for offenders and one for carbon lovers.
The core piece of all three blades is, in the full sense of the word, the core veneer made from candlenut,
providing excellent control besides a lot of feeling.
The specifications have proven over years and have again been perfected in detail and therefore are justifiably called a classic.