Genote Peak Power

tension rubber 99

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  • Black
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Rp 88.000

sponge : cream
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Dawei Genote Peak Power.
Very Controlled Soft Spinny Rubber.
Preferrably used for Backhand
Backhand play is good. can be compared to a harder but more controlled version of Xiom's Omega IV Asia.
short touch shot and flicks are excellent.

SUPER VISCIDITY: As the surface of the rubber was made through the chemical and physical treatment,the viscidity,friction and ball controlling are greatly improved.

SUPER ELASTICITY: A new technique-IPNS adopted,many kinds of polymer interpenetrated as a network, it makes the covering rubber producing super elasticity.

SUPRE DRIVE: Adopted a new technique, and materials to sulfur the cellular rubber, the stomas evenly distributed,when middle or long stroke,the rubber density changed,and producing super drive to shoot the ball instantly. It may be said blast.