Nittaku Hurricane Pro III Turbo Blue

rubber 500 2.0

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  • Black
  • 2.0mm (T20)

Rp 575.000

speed : 14
spin : 15
hardness : 50
review :
review :

Hurricane rubber with Japanese blue sponge for high level players. A hard blue sponge to make an excellent performance at the world's top level. Makes the incredibly high spin when used by a player with powerful strength.

Professional specification to compete at the speed of the swing! If you play destructive! A Japan high-elastic sponge equipped with an active charge (AC) for improving speed performance is mounted on the top sheet of Hurricane pro 3.

The Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue uses the topsheet from the iconic DHS Hurricane 3 combined with a new type of Japanese sponge. The resulting combination has produced a version of Hurricane 3 with that familiar tacky topsheet that now has the excellent feel and sensation of a fast and elastic sponge. This rubber now has an increase in power, especially at longer distances, improving upon a fault in traditional Chinese rubbers that are unboosted. This rubber is produced by Nittaku, so the quality control that they are famous for ensures that you will get a quality sheet every time.