Dr. Neubauer K.O. Pro (KO) Maximize

Dr. Neubauer K.O. Pro (KO)

short pips

More details

  • Black
  • Red
  • 1.8mm (T18)

Rp 520.000

Speed : 94
Spin : 82
Control : 92

Review :
- http://ooakforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=33040
- https://revspin.net/pips/dr-neubauer-ko-pro.html

The new disruptive weapon with half-long pimples

In addition to our existing half-long pimple rubber Dr.Neubauer K.O. we have developed a faster version named K.O. PRO.

K.O. PRO enables to produce an even more dynamic game while counter-attacking and straight hitting.

At the same time this new version also provides a bit more ""sinking effect" of the ball than the original version already has.
This holds true for all active shots but also for passive blocking.

This makes it a good alternative for players who enjoy using K.O. but need more speed to produce their attacking game, without any limitation in the disruptive effect obtained.

K.O. PRO: The faster alternative for a highly disruptive pimple-out game.