Palio HK1997 Gold

tension rubber 100

More details

  • Black
  • Red
  • 2.2mm (T22)

Rp 170.000

Sponge Color : YELLOW
Hardness : 48-50° ~ TACKY
Thickness : 2.2 mm
Fitted Play : Fast Attack / Loop
Review :

Do you worry about insufficient speed or loop not long enough
in the era 40+ ball? You don't have to worry any more, as Palio
has broken through the constraint of traditional sticky hard rubber.
The new HK1997 GOLD has reloaded with better viscosity and
bring new vitality to classic. 

The new HK1997 GOLD, with fully activated "Golden Forcehand"
48-50 degree sponge is ready-to-use, completely independent
of speed glue or booster. It's the perfect solution to inelasticity of
hard sponge and sticky topsheet. It keeps the viscous friction as
well as speed, power and penetration to achieve high speed. You
can sense the spurt out of power and support. It defines a brand
new forehand for the era of 40+ ball.