729 Higher Maximize

729 Higher

rubber 100

More details

  • Black
  • Red
  • 2.2mm (T22)

Rp 130.000

speed : 10
spin : 12
control : 12
hardness : 42
review : https://revspin.net/rubber/729-higher.html

Superior speed and spin
Tensioned rubber
Best for mid-distance Loop
For initializing attack
Made with Transcend Sponge

This high-friction inverted rubber allows the ball play to be extremely aggressive. This rubber enjoys the characteristics of great viscoscity, high friction, long viscoscity endurance, translucent pimples and soft and smooth appearance. Adopting TENSION technology, the rubber's stretching strength enhances it's properties. High elasticity can be achieved without the use of speed glue. The combination of Tian Lai sponge and this inverted rubber make it easy to loop, taking full advantage of the rubber's high friction.