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729 Aurora

rubber 200

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  • Black
  • 2.1mm (T21)

Rp 225.000

hardness : 40
sponge color : dark orange
review : http://mytabletennis.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=23882&title=7295-good-stuff
review : https://revspin.net/rubber/729-aurora.html

Aurora rubber is a kind of backhand rubber with powerful inner energy. When the players hit the ball with it , it sounds like clear strike note of the metal, affecting the moving pace, and enhancing the pleasure of users in hitting. Aurora adopts unique technology, which overcomes the disadvantage of fragileness of the common rubber and extends its service life.

Aurora is a rubber with a built-in speed glue effect developed by Friendship. The rubber has a high-friction surface that is not sticky. According to Friendship, the Aurora has a 42° sponge. However, a normal sponge was used instead of a coarse-pored sponge currently used by Japanese and German manufacturers.

The surface is slightly harder than in German or Japanese rubbers, but not as hard as in typical Chinese rubbers. The Aurora is relatively fast and dynamic and offers good spin characteristics. When serving and returning, the rubber provides decent rotation and good control. The speed glue effect is still far less developed than in Japanese or German rubbers, however, Friendship has made remarkable progress.

We recommend this rubber to players who previously applied speed glue to classical, hard rubbers made in Japan.