Stiga Optimum Seven

OFF 7ply wood light blade 500

More details

  • ANatomical

Rp 575.000

anatomic / winner = seperti FL (shakehand),
namun tengahnya gemuk. (lihat foto)

control : 72
speed : 96
elasticity : stiff
thickness : ± 5.8 mm
weight : ± 80 gr
review :

The Optimum SEVEN turns the traditional seven-ply blade formula inside out.
Our engineers learned long ago that if you do things the same way that everyone else does,
you will get the same results.In this case, that wouldn’t suffice as
we charged them with creating a faster blade that still had outstanding balance.

The solution was to make the center core thinner and the outer plies thicker.
To this, we’ve added our Crystal Technology to harden the surface of the blade,
thus increasing its speed.

champ = gabungan FL dan ST (shakehand).
(seperti FL, namun tidak melengkung.)
(seperti ST, namun bagian bawah lebih lebar.)