DHS 3★ D40+ Balls

poly balls white ITTF

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  • White

Rp 85.000

ProductFrom (qty)Discount
DHS 3★ D40+ Balls33 -Rp 6.000
DHS 3★ D40+ Balls14 -Rp 5.000
DHS 3★ D40+ Balls8 -Rp 4.000
DHS 3★ D40+ Balls5 -Rp 3.000
DHS 3★ D40+ Balls3 -Rp 2.000

harga untuk 1 kotak, isi 10 bola. (bola ada sambungan)

The DHS Dual is a 40+ plastic seam ball that combines the benefits of being approved by the CTTA and being perfect for a player who is on a budget. DHS has implemented a new manufacturing method that allows them to create this quality plastic ball for a cheaper price. This gives the ball a more plastic sound, but the price more than makes up for it.