[ if you live in Indonesia, please see this ]

Hi, welcome to IndoPingpong.Com!

If you're from outside Indonesia :
you have to change the currency to US$ at top right.
- order directly on the website is currently impossible.

if you want to order, please contact me via :
E-mail : dyehardz (at) gmail (dot) com
WhatsApp : (+62) 0816-486-8090
Facebook Messenger : Donal IndoPingpong

then let me know these details :
- what products do you want to buy?
- what country do you live in?
- do you want the original cover / box included?

available shipping courier options :
- RAM (Registered Air Mail) : cheap & recommended, 2-4 weeks.
- EMS : fast & expensive, 6-14 days.

example of 250gr weight :
- 1 rubber with original cover.
- 2 rubbers without original cover.

example of 500gr weight :
- 3-4 rubbers.
- 1 blade without original box + 1-2 rubbers.

example of 1000gr weight :
- 7-9 rubbers.
- 2-3 blades without original box + some rubbers.
- 1 blade with original box + some rubbers.

Payment will be via PayPal. (= total product price in USD + shipping cost)
I will send the PayPal invoice once you agreed the total price.

before you send the payment, please make sure that the address
(including phone number)
on your PayPal account is true,
because the package will be sent to the address from PayPal.

Please confirm once you've sent the payment.
After I've receive the payment, the package will be
sent within 48 hours
(except sunday & holiday).